• Whatever the project, we’ve got what you need – no matter how big or small

  • We’ve got knowledgeable staff who can advise or maybe even operate the item for you on your project

  • Extensive range of building, function, landscaping, and moving equipment

Jeff and Sheryl Wallis are Taranaki born and bred. They started their first business Wallis Developments Ltd in 1981 and this is still running today. Because people kept asking Jeff if they could borrow his tools and machinery it was decided to create and develop Equipment Hire in 2002 and it’s still growing.

Jeff and Sheryl love their community so they like to help out by sponsoring schools and kindergartens, sports teams, clubs and volunteer organisations. They genuinely enjoy helping and are often seen giving back to the people.

If they don’t have what you need they will try and source it for you.


  • Mark has been with Wallis Development for over 20 years. He is our digger driver expert and makes a mean shortbread!

  • Geoff is our Traffic Management Planning specialist with over ten years’ experience. He enjoys a nice steak.

  • Shane is the main man in the yard, he has over nine years’ experience. He enjoys his music.

  • Sandy has been in the office for 14 years, she is head of our Accounts Department. She is often mistaken for Jeff and Sheryl’s daughter.

  • Rebecca is our part time office administrator. When she is not in the office she can be found on the farm or chasing her children around.

  • Sarah is actually Jeff and Sheryl’s daughter and the newest member of our office team.

  • Cameron is the youngest member of our team and is enjoying learning the many tricks of the trade.


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